Top Ten Songs Of kid Cudi

1. Mr. Rager

Number 1 on our list is Mr. Rager from Cudi's second album "Man On The Moon II : The Legend Of Mr. Rager". This song is one of the most popular ones from the album. Loved by most Cudi fans, and people from all ages, this song gives an insight of Cudi's fight with his drug-addicted counterpart Mr. Rager. He dedicates this song to "all the kids like me" making it a heart touching solo. It is my favorite Cudi song, holding a special place in my heart...

2. Ghost!

Second one on our list is "Ghost!" from the same album as Mr. Rager, this song has a strange, murky vibe.... The song starts off with low, creepy music, it already feels dark and then the lyrics hit. According to me the song is a conversation cudi had with himself, or Mr. Rager. He tells he was close to being dead and tells himself that life is precious, sometimes he is afraid and lost in the world, which he describes as crazy and risky but he knows he needs to doge the risks. All in all the song makes me feel demonic, I love it. Nothing's better that Sitting alone in the dark with "GHOST!" on repeat...

3. Heart Of A Lion

Enough of the depressing stuff, the third track on our list is Cudi's motivating track "Heart Of A Lion". Also known as Cudi's theme music this song gives an insight aof all the troubles we, as humans face. He tells us to never give up, he tells us that if we try hard enough we won't ever regret anything because we tried, he also relates some lines to his mother who told him not to let anyone break him, he concludes that at the end we all will be walking with the heart of a lion, which to be honest enough, is legendary.

4. Man on The Moon

Number 4 on our list is Cudi's descriptive solo "Man On The Moon" from his first album "Man on The Moon". In this song Cudi describes how he sees himself and how others see him. He says he doesn't care what other people say or think about him, except he does. He is shown as a fresh adult exposed to the world, who is still naive but has the massive potential to learn..

5. Trapped in my Mind

The last song on our list is kid Cudi's second album's closing track "Trapped in My Mind". In this song Cudi talks about how he is trapped in my mind and asks for help. He thinks that being trapped in his mind is much much better than being exposed to the world. He tell himself that when he thinks of the world and how bad it is he believes he is better and that drives him forward. The lyrics of this song are delicate, yet they strike the heart.